MEVBOOK is a new trend of new social media. Working-professional people in our country,

students are all accustomed to using online at the end of the day.

So we are going to build a combination of these first four social media MEVBOOK First Bangladeshi Social Media app Post/Feed/Chat/Call! Mevbook is a Social Media Communication app. It is made in Bangladesh, for Bangladesh and for Bangladeshi Communities around the world. The purpose of the app is to offer Bangladeshis their own social media & communication platform and at the same time offer daily life useful digital services. Users can create profile in Mevbook, grow follower!

Mevbook enables users to communicate with instant messaging, audio calls and group chatting. Users can share images, camera photos & videos, contacts, attachments and document files, cloud files, links, voice message, location, stickers etc.!

It’s easy to type and post in Mevbook with Bangla transliteration. Mevbook has a feed/timeline were users can post, rate, comment and share. Users can filter feeds based on followings, own posts, featured posts etc. New & exciting features in Mevbook in every release! Privacy is our priority. Don't want to see other's public posts? you can simply make your default feed following/trending. The gallery & image selection is totally revamped. Video upload & playing experience has been improved drastically. See your friend's active status if you follow each other or if number is saved. Turn your active status off from settings anytime.

Thats not all, enjoy new game Tricky Crab & amazing new Bangla stickers. You will get it together through the same software and website. Many social media have been created in our country till date but even today no social media has created educational institutions with priority. Our MEVBOOK will move forward with priority to good work..!